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Commrisk offers personal lines insurance, specifically comprehensive car and home insurance cover.

15 Insurance Tips

  • To avoid Average being applied to your loss, please ensure that your property is adequately covered at all times and the sum insured represents the correct replacement value. Please make use of the attached Inventory Form which will assist you with this exercise.
  • Burglars now target you in the afternoon or early evening when arriving home after work. They know alarms are only activated when you go to sleep and now attack when you least expect it.
  • The value of gemstones and gold are affected by supply and demand and other factors besides inflation. Jewellery should be valued every year or two to ensure you are correctly covered. At the same time consider having the piece of jewellery also checked for loose gemstones.
  • Losing a computer or file server can be very inconvenient and very frustrating. You can buy lock-up devices specifically designed to keep your PCs and servers secure. Make sure you've insured them properly and always keep laptops out of sight when you aren't working on them.
  • Be safety conscious at all times. Lock your home and offices when they're empty, and ensure that your alarm is working. Test armed response services regularly.
  • During any holiday season , take extra care and be vigilant, especially when visiting shopping malls. Try not to draw large sums of money from auto banks, do not accept any assistance from strangers and be aware of your surroundings and people following you.
  • During Load shedding , please remember to unplug ALL appliances that were being used before the power outage to prevent them from turning back on when the power is restored and starting a fire e.g. hairdryer or iron
  • Are you ready for thunder storms, heavy rains, gusty winds, hail and lighting strikes? One should do general maintenance and safety checks to ensure that the roof is not leaking, rusting and that roof sheets and tiles are well secured.
  • Ensure your children’s expensive electronics are insured before they go back to school
  • If you make any modifications or add any extras to your vehicle, please let us know.
  • Keep any valuables in your car out of sight. Lock them away in the boot or cubby hole of the car.
  • Never negotiate with Third party if involved in an accident. You must not make any admission, statement, offer, promise or payment without the written consent from Insurers
  • Remote jamming and the theft of vehicles by these means are on the increase. Instead of pressing the remote control and walking away, check to see if the vehicle is in fact locked.
  • When taking delivery of a new vehicle , be very careful when you receive a phone call from the so called “dealership” making false promises to fit smash and grab or offer you a full tank of petrol etc. If you hand your vehicle over, it will be the last time you see it.
  • The recovery process can be a rather daunting process. It is therefore important that you provide Insurers with the full details of the other party involved in the accident including details of any witnesses.

Are you looking for more tips, advice or information? Call us on (+27 11) 840 7000 and we'll do our best to answer any questions and (hopefully) put your mind at ease.

Tips for speeding up the claims process

Claim forms

When submitting a claim the following documents must be included.

  • General claim form
    This form covers most risks: theft, fire, water damage, etc.
  • Motor claim form
    This form covers claims related to motor vehicle damage or theft. This does not include motor vehicle claims involving a third party.
  • Windscreen claim form
    Damage to your windscreen is separate from standard vehicle damage and requires a specific form.
  • Liability claim form
    This is specifically for damage to property belonging to a third party/person.
  • Personal accident claim form
    Should your claim be related to personal injury, you will need to fill out this claim form.
  • Ensure that you answer all questions on the claim form correctly. Incorrect information will slow down the claims process.
  • Don't leave questions unanswered. Your claim can't be processed until we have received a completed claim form.
Additional documentation

When submitting a claim, provide documents to support it. These include:


  • Photographs of the items you have lost and wish to replace
  • Quotes you have obtained detailing the replacement cost
  • Proof of payment for your damaged or lost property
  • Operating manuals for any devices that need replacing
  • Invoices for items that you may already have replaced

Cell phones
All lost, damaged or stolen cell phones need to be blacklisted and the following documentation provided:

  • Proof of blacklisting
  • Phone's IMEI number
  • Manufacturer details


  • Quotes for the estimated cost of repairs, if appropriate
  • Towing service invoices (if applicable to your situation)
  • Invoices for any repairs that have already been done
  • Certificates indicating the registration of your vehicle
  • Documentation of outstanding hire purchase payments
  • Copies of any police reports and witness statements
  • Change-of-ownership papers (if applicable)
  • A certified copy of your (valid) driver's licence
  • Ensure that the copies you provide are clear and easy to read.
  • Any documents you provide must relate to the incident in question.
  • Store these documents safely and, if possible, keep back-ups.


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